Texas Online Driver’s Ed.


$79 to $479

32 Hour Online Course
Optional – Driving Lessons w/ Certified Driving Instructor
(Driving lessons at Houston Driving School)
Chimney Rock Location
Hillcroft Location

This course includes everything needed for a student to obtain their driver license (If purchased with driving lessons). After obtaining your learner permit (eligible after first 6 hours of course) simply give us a call and we’ll schedule you for driving lessons!

Students can learn the basics of driving online, from anywhere with an internet connection! This program can also include driving lessons (14 hours – 7 hours driving & 7 hours observation) with a certified driving instructor at any of our local driving centers. 

This course requires you to take driving lessons with a certified driving school/instructor. You can complete these drive times with Houston Driving School or any other certified school.

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Welcome to the Texas Online Texas Driver’s Education Course. This course contains everything you will need to acquire your license.

Students learn the basics and theory of driving online. When the student completes their first 6 hours of the course (Module 1) and obtains their permit, they can then schedule driving lessons with a certified driving instructor at our local driving center.

We make it simple for everybody. Students can easily login online, complete their 32 hour course in their own time, and then visit Houston Driving School or any other certified driving school for their driving lessons.

If you have any questions about this course, or need help figuring out if it is the product you need in order to complete your driver education, please feel free to give us a call at 713-782-3100.


  • 32HRS Online Interactive Instruction
  • Instructor-Led Driving Lessons (Optional)
    Includes vehicle, gas, and instructor.
  • Live Customer Support
  • Interactive Online support for Parents & Students
  • Certificates available instantly after completion